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Providers of quality products from world renowned manufactures including a wide range of Diaphragm Valves, Pneumatic Diaphragm Valves, Tubes, Bends, Tees, BPE Fittings and many other.


About Us

As the needs for high quality components is increasing in the Indian market, we at Universal Marketing Company, have been serving the needs of our clients by providing superior products. We are a leading Exporter and Trader of a number of high grade components, these include, Pneumatic Diaphragm Valves, Manually Stainless Steel Valves, Butt Weld End Valves, Electro Polished Tubes and Extruded Elastomer Products that find use in the Pharmaceutical, Dairy and F&B Industries among others. Our offerings are of varying standards ranging from 3A to BPE and provides customers with a range of choices for selecting standards depending upon how critical the component is and the budget in play. We source a number of products from renowned manufacturers of the market that are trusted fro their superior quality offerings. The linked eminent Indian manufacturers like Rensa and Leistung we deal with share the passion like ours to provide products of the highest standards to the clients. With an annual turnover running into a whopping INR 5 Crores we believe that we have established ourselves as a trader to be reckoned with.

Our Expertise

Becoming an expert at any trade requires an inextinguishable avidity to improve and an obsession to achieve the success that eludes many. Our work ethic has provided us with the opportunity to serve a large number of clients from diverse industries, this has provided us with a treasure trove of information regarding their specific requirements. We are now able to provide effective solutions to client requirements and serve their needs better. Some of our unique selling points are as follows:

  • The tie-ups we have with leading manufacturers of pure water engineering component.
  • Our experts are adept at providing effective solutions after simple assessments of clients' requirements.
  • The products on offer with us are of the highest grade and are provided at reasonable prices.


Our infrastructure consists of a high capacity storage space that is managed by professionals with years of experience in the field. The goods are stored in an environment that preserves them in immaculate conditions until they are dispatched. Having a large inventory of products in stock has aided us in providing prompt service to our customers which is well appreciated by them. The facility is equipped with climate control and is fire safety compliant to make certain that we do not incur losses due to degradation of products or mishaps.

Our Associates

We are focused on providing our clients with products that surpass their expectations and are known to be providers of the best in the world. The products on offer are of a number of standards ranging from 3A to BPE and provides customers with a number of choices between various standards and combinations. In order to deliver the best, we have partnered with the leaders in the industry including LEISTUNG and RENSA who provide one of the most important components to the medical industry, namely Process Valves, Diaphragms and Stainless Steel Tubes. Being the largest producer of Stainless Steel electro-polished Pipes and Tubes, RENSA is capable of supporting the industry with a multitude of ranges, from ASTM A 312 to ASTM A 269 and to a maximum of ASTM A 270. The Bright Annealed Tubes provided by this eminent company to us has an internal finish of 0.3 micron RA and come with traceability reports and full documentation.

Another associated firm, LEISTUNG is CE certified, it is a well known name when it comes to process and diaphragms valves having two modes of operation namely manual and actuated, it is also the first company to have applied for USFDA approval for its Diaphragms which has become one of the most critical components of the healthcare industry.

Micromech Industries is one of our other renowned associates with an experience of over 15 years in the industry and provides a number of Filtration Systems and Filter Presses & single and multiple cartridge housings that are widely used in the F&B and Dairy Industries. Some of our other products are Heat Exchangers, Instrumentation and Process Vessels.